Library, Soho, New York, NY: A library is a place for reading that is also an enclosure of protection for books and other information sources. A solid block is better fortification than a to use minimal square footage: keeping a compact building: small footprint, rising four stories above street level. The corner area of the site was chosen for its optimal physical characteristicsThe assigned SITE is on a corner. The corner is the intersection of lafayette and prince streets. The space inside of the intersection is also a corner. The library occupies this space inside. Library is thus a corner.
The corner condition deals with not only the meeting of the two streets but the space inside the lot/formally shaped thanks to this intersection. There are then, four new interior corners within the boundaries of this "corner" area of the site.
north-south-east-west: intimacy of west corner, open darkness of north corner, exposure in east corner, uncertainty of south corner: The West corner is characterized by being the point where the two neighboring buildings meet: thus it is a very dark place. One building rises to seven stories, the other only to three, thus, above three stories there is more opportunity for natural light penetration. The North corner is formed by the street wall meeting the three story building. It has a view of the 12-story building across Prince street, at the street level is very busy with foot and car traffic with an overcrowded feeling thanks to the narrowness of Prince Street. The Eastern corner is the corner of Prince and Lafayette streets. Characterized by the business of the intersection: a traffic light maintains the order of the car and pedestrian activity-and there is a lot of activity. The South corner is uncertain since it is an arbitrary corner within the lot, chosen since it is the point where the line of lafayette street and the seven story building intersect. 2007.

Peeling Stair Diagram  

Stair Proportion Comparison Diagram  


Site Plan  

Ground Floor Plan  

2nd Floor Plan  

4th Floor Plan  

Roof Plan  

East-West Section Looking South  

North-South Section Looking West  

Unfolded Elevation  

Elevation Detail